Returns & FAQ

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Do you accept returns on custom orders?

Buyers are responsible for making sure all details are correct, such as spelling, punctuation, dates, formats, quality and desired color within a 85% accuracy range. Quality and color instructions are available on the product page.

We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer error. You have one hour after placing an order to alert us of these mistakes. Please read instructions carefully before submitting personalizations.

Do you accept supply returns?

  • Warping on 1/8” plywood is normal and is not eligible for return

Plywood is typically made using thin veneer sheets stacked and running in opposite directions. This creates a flexible yet strong product. However, due to the thickness required to create such thin sheets the ply layers are approximately only .75mm to 1mm thick. The downside is that this does cause warping in some situations, such as when exposed to temperature changes and humidity in shipping. It can't be avoided, and it isn't a bad wood. It's actually just regular millwork. Contact us for recommendations on how to flatten your sheets again!

Products made with MDF core are less likely to warp and are preferred by customers who need their material to lay as flat as possible.

  • Mill stamps are also normal and can easily be sanded off if you get one of these sheets. It does not affect the quality or the use of the material
  • Some wood will need to be sanded if it is unfinished, this is also normal, pre-sanded wood will be noted in the info section of the product

Due to the made-to-order aspect of our business we do not accept any returns once the order is placed unless there is an error on our part, i.e. shipped the wrong item or there is a notable quality issue that shouldn't have passed QC. Damaged boxes/items will need to be processed through UPS or USPS claim prior to refunds. Please take photos and a video within 24 hours of receiving your order before you open any damaged box. Once the courier accepts accountability you will be sent a label for the order return. The damaged order can then be refunded to you once we receive all items in full.

Under special circumstances we can honor returns with a 25% restocking fee of the order total once the items are received. This is a case by case basis. i.e. "my child placed the order using my card".

How long do I have to notify you of damages?

You have 24 hors after the shipment has arrived to notify us, and 14 business days to ship out the return package. We will not process a return without photos and a video of first-time package opening.

What if I can’t laser cut the wood?

We test all our items before shipping. And never sell unless we know they cut! We use a Glowforge Pro for all our test cuts. And have standard settings we can share.If you are having issues we can troubleshoot you, however because all lasers are different and there is a high variability between each machine due to use, cleaning, age, or manufacturing defects we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

I don’t like my order, can I still return it?

We do our best to ensure that each customer receives the attention to detail they deserve. We take every order seriously no matter how small or big. Our time is also involved, and we can’t accept returns on handcrafted items or supplies based on personal preferences. Please note that due to monitor and device differences we can’t ensure 100% match in color.

How long do refunds take?

Once an order is returned to us and is in our possession we process refunds within 24-48 hours. At that time you will receive a refund notification via mail. Your bank may take up to 2+ weeks to reflect this. Please be patient as we have no control over this time.